Weekend Update

This weekend was a little busy after a week of not doing anything but trying to get better. Friday I actually went to the grocery store because I ran out of soup, it felt strange leaving the house. I had not left since going to the doctor on Tuesday. That wore me out, so back home to rest, put groceries away, rest again, put more away, rest some more, then bed. I know, my exciting life can barely be contained.
Saturday was movie date day, the Irishman and I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful, I enjoyed it. I thought the movie was a lot of fun, very much in the spirit of the Oz books. That wore me out, so back home to continue recovery.
Sunday was spent in Bonham, I actually went to see my amazing daughter and her “children” the baby chicks are doing nicely. I took Nocona with me so she could visit with her other furry friends; saw Mickey, who is going to be 20 this year. He is still feisty, I can’t believe that cat is doing so well; I still remember when we got him and his brother Arthur. I still miss Arthur; our pets really do become our family members, especially in this family. We become very attached, they have personality, they are loyal and never reveal our secrets. Way better than some humans I know.
Sunday was also dinner date night, or I should say evening, we had old people’s dinner, it was a very nice ending to the weekend.
I have nothing huge to announce, this past weeks show is not up yet on the site, you all will have to wait for it. It is worth the wait, believe me, we had a great guest, very powerful and wise words. If you did not get to listen live, you will totally want to catch it when it posts.
This coming Saturday is going to be really good; we have Pastor Purvey back in studio discussing dating while being a single parent. As most of you know I did not date while my children were growing up, I felt it was best for our family. I didn’t believe they needed the unsettling life of never knowing who was going to be there. I knew I was not going to get re-married while they were still at home, so why date, why introduce my children to someone who was not going to be around long term. Shanon and I wanted to know what effects it has on the children when this does go on and who better to ask than a youth minister who sees the after effects. It is a fantastic conversation and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.

Dream State

Ok, so, on Monday night I got no sleep, it wasn’t that I couldn’t sleep, I could sleep, however when I would fall asleep I was having the strangest dreams.
I was dreaming the apocalypse was upon us, in all dreams that was the recurring theme. So in dream number 1 the end is imminent, Jess calls me and says “listen, the apocalypse is coming and I need to run some errands, come over here and watch my dog.” So of course, being the good friend that I am, I go to his house to watch his dog. Now this is no ordinary dog, it is huge, pure white with green eyes. While Jess is gone on his end of the world errands it begins to rain, rain is too mild a word, it was torrential. The dog runs out and will not come back in, I have to go out and get soaked trying to get this beast back in the house. I wake up before I can convince that animal to come back in.
Dream b, it is the end of the world, I decide I am going to Bonham, so I tell the Irishman “listen, it’s the end of the world you go find your kids and be with them I am going to Bonham.” So I load up the car with canned goods, blankets, pillows and my shoe collection. Oh and dog food, I put Nacona in the car and we go to McKinney and get Jeffrey, Alex and Tessa. Off to Bonham we go, the roads are congested and it takes us over two hours to get there.
When we get there I tell Elizabeth I am taking the bedroom off of the kitchen and Tess decides she wants to stay with Gigi. Then I inform Elizabeth Anne I hate the outdoors so I will do all of the cooking. I wake up at that point, I guess we were going to live off of pancakes. I don’t know what my great cooking plan was, these dreams were so weird. I think I am watching too many shows about the end of civilization as we know it. Reading too many books about it, I don’t know, but I know last night I slept and don’t remember anything I dreamed about, so it is all good today.

Terrific Thursday

Today is Monday/Thursday, yesterday was a mini weekend, and it was good, so strange being off in the middle of the week without taking a vacation day. I think I am going to like this. I went to Bonham and saw Jeffrey and Elizabeth Anne yesterday, so nice, and came home and got caught up on laundry. Oh and it was clean sheet day, wow, it just could not have gotten any better!
Tuesday’s Zumba just about killed me, that instructor was a beast, in a really good way, going back for more today. I think my body is changing due to the zumba dancing, I feel different in my clothes, like they fit different. I am loving it!
I am very excited to go back today and be tortured all over again, I know I am going to sleep well tonight! Just one more week until my huge Avengers event, I am so way beyond excited about this. I have seriously never done anything this geeky in my entire life and it feels good. Ok, dressing up as Wonder Woman, that was pretty geeky, no wait, that was just cool. Yup, still nothing as geeky as next week will be.
I hope everyone has a great, geeky Thursday!

Happy Psuedo Friday!

Well I did it, I survived my first 10 hour day, with overtime, all is well! Today is Zumba as well as Friday I am so excited,
Tomorrow will be spent going to Bonham, going to see Jeffrey, the air is not working in my car, and it is intermittent! Ugh, the problems of being a customer with an intermittent issue, I can only hope it is acting up tomorrow.
I wanted to get my hair done, I am really wanting a change in color, something lighter for summer months. Not blond, but some highlights, maybe lowlights, I don’t know, I need a decision maker in my life for hair issues. Any volunteers? And please only serious suggestions!
I like the quiet of early morning risings, the house is still, the coffee is on, the internet is working perfectly, what more could anyone ask for. Nothing I believe, not a darn thing. Oh wait, maybe a butler names Jeeves to bring me said coffee, silently, always knowing when I need a refill. Oh a robot butler, that would be even better, I love it, someone invent that for me.
Well, since today is Friday, I do believe I deserve a Starbucks treat, so the Starbucks at Custer and Parker is it for me. I think I have told you all before this is my favorite Starbucks, even early morning the workers are friendly and professional and speedy. Love them, huge shout out to my favorite Starbucks! Everyone in Plano go in and tell them you saw them on angieworld.
Speaking of Starbucks, if you are a Costco member you can use your $5.00 off a bag of Starbucks coffee beans through May 12th I believe. That makes it very affordable, I have already gotten mine, these coupons for the Starbucks coffee do not come around very often! Take advantage folks. That will be all for the advertisements today, it is off to get dressed for the day for this woman. I do believe it is a Lucky jeans day paired with a BCBG top and Madden Girl cork wedges. I hope everyone has a fabulous day, I know I intend to!


Vacation!!! WooooHoooo! Was there ever a sweeter word invented? Today is very busy, dentist, then Bonham to see Jeffrey about car issues and Elizabeth for shopping in Sherman. Very excited to see two of my children today, and I will be see the new calf that was just born. Yes, Elizabeth Anne is the proud mommy of a new calf. She has not named her yet, oh did I mention it is a girl?
I think I have made a mistake this morning, I am drinking coffee before the dentist, oh well, will have to brush good and gargle really good with Listerine!
I am so excited, my boots have shipped that I bought on Ruelala, an amazing website that has the most amazing things at ridiculous prices. If you would like to check it out you have to be invited, consider this your invite, http://www.ruelala.com/invite/abarsi01 please feel free to go here and sign up and buy to your hearts content. Or until your pocket book screams.
Ok people I have to go get ready for my day, I hope you all have a fantastic day, and remember shot till you drop then crawl!