Sometimes in life people mistake niceness for weakness, I do believe that people are crazy when they do that. It takes real strength to be nice to certain people; I refuse to go to hell because some people cannot control their idiocy.
Make no mistake, I will not allow you, and you all know who you are, to take advantage of me or demean me in any way. I will, and have, reported you to the proper department within the major corporation I work for. Trust me, I left nothing out; you will be taken to task.

Enough of that, today was recording day with Shanon J, I am so proud of the work we are doing; it is nothing short of awesome. I hope you all are listening and enjoying the topics we are covering. If you are new, the website is http://www.convosate.com, you can listen to previous shows and leave feedback.

I am still recovering from my feeding frenzy at the family reunion, everything was so amazingly good. It’s hard to say no to family members giving you food, one simply does not do that. I love food, I admit it, I should have been born with a tapeworm or something. Instead I was born into the body of a farm worker, short and steady, close to the ground to do farm work. It is so frustrating, all I want is to be beautiful and thin, instead I am plain, short and squatty. Not a great combination when one lives in Plano, TX, perhaps if I lived in a farm state then I would fit in. oh well, one works with what they have, so therefore I wear spanx and makeup. Fixes a lot of issues that I have, heels help with the vertical issue that I have. Other than that all is good here deep in the heart of Texas.


I have taken some time off because I have been as sick as the proverbial dog, I am doing better this morning, although now I have no voice. Good thing I don’t have to talk for this part of my life.
This is a little late in coming, however, I would like to tell you all about the Conversations show that aired last Saturday. It was part 2 of Can Men and Women be Just Friends, without the romance part getting in the way. As the majority of you know, my best friend is male, we have been best friends for 15 years now. And yes, it has always been friendship, none of the other stuff getting in the way. I knew our relationship was special, because it is a great friendship, I didn’t realize it was unique until we started talking about it to, well, all of you. To me it is a normal, healthy, friendship, early on we both realized what a special friendship we had and decided none of the other stuff was ever going to come into play.
If you want to hear his take on the friendship you can listen via mine and Shanon J’s website convosate.com, the show is up and ready for you to click.
I started thinking about the legacy he and I are leaving for our respective children, my daughter has a BBFF (boy best friend forever) as well. They have been friends for years, since high school, their friendship continues today. I feel proud that I set an example that men and women can be simply friends. She has seen this growing up and it is normal for her.
Now my BBFF has a son, and he is setting an example for his son that he can have these types of friendships without anything else going on. It is a unconscious happening, something that they just see and take as normal.
It should be the norm, not the exception, however, I am learning it is not. I was speaking with a man at work about it and he said he was interested in listening to the show. He went on to say he has tried to be friends with women and they always go off in the direction of oh he’s paying attention to me, oh he must like me.
The thing is, if you want to be friends with someone of the opposite sex, you must have the conversation, the open, honest one, where both parties agree that the friendship is more important than anything else. We have never once been inappropriate with each other, our lives are transparent, anyone can look in at any time and see what is going on. I am proud to call this man my friend, he is honest, caring, honorable (a trait that is quickly fading in this society) good-looking, incredibly intelligent (he keeps me on my toes) and funny. Oh he’s single as well ladies, his sister and I are taking applications, you have to go through both of us for approval.
So, go out, look for friendship, your lives will be richer for it.