Life Choice Dilemma

The heat is fully upon us and I loath it with a passion; I am so totally not a summer person. I would do so well in Alaska, I think; I say I would do well in Alaska or Antarctica, however one does wonder has Texas ruined my ability to withstand the cold?
I think about that a lot, I love the cold, was raised in brutal winters, which I thrived in, but not having been in that environment for over 25 years would I survive a real winter. I like to think I would, but I have my doubts, oh trust me I do not do well in 100-degree heat, but would I do well in below zero conditions? I have the boots for it, I have the sweaters and coats for it, I even have hats, gloves and scarves that would enable me to withstand a brutal winter. However, could I? That is the question I ask myself a lot. I really believe that I need to go somewhere on vacation that would allow me to experience real winter.
Maybe a week in Alaska would cure me of wanting to be somewhere bone chillingly cold for a few years. I am thinking Alaska in January would make a good honeymoon. What do you think Irishman, could you do a real winter with me?
Probably not, he complains if the temperature dips below 50 degrees, I seriously don’t understand people like that.
My daughter thrives in summer, huge surprise because she was born the same month that I was. We are both children of winter, but she hates the cold, rain, sleet, ice and all that comes with it. She literally comes to life in the summer; when I retreat from the world, she welcomes it. This is disconcerting as we are alike in so much of our personality traits. I don’t know what to think about this situation.
My boys, on the other hand are more like me in this respect, which is equally surprising because they are both summer children. One born in August and the other in July, one would think they would love the heat, but they don’t. Perhaps they will inherit their mother in the winter months so we can enjoy them together and I shall torture my daughter in the summer with my whining.
I am preparing for my dotage, someone is going to have to listen to all of my stories over and over, I am choosing all three of them, that way they can bond in their misery of having to take care of their mother. I plan on being an incredibly eccentric old person, wearing outrageous outfits consisting of loud colors and tottering around in heels too high for an eighty year old. I suspect I will have broken hips in my future due to this inability to give up high heels.

Weekend Update

This weekend was a little busy after a week of not doing anything but trying to get better. Friday I actually went to the grocery store because I ran out of soup, it felt strange leaving the house. I had not left since going to the doctor on Tuesday. That wore me out, so back home to rest, put groceries away, rest again, put more away, rest some more, then bed. I know, my exciting life can barely be contained.
Saturday was movie date day, the Irishman and I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful, I enjoyed it. I thought the movie was a lot of fun, very much in the spirit of the Oz books. That wore me out, so back home to continue recovery.
Sunday was spent in Bonham, I actually went to see my amazing daughter and her “children” the baby chicks are doing nicely. I took Nocona with me so she could visit with her other furry friends; saw Mickey, who is going to be 20 this year. He is still feisty, I can’t believe that cat is doing so well; I still remember when we got him and his brother Arthur. I still miss Arthur; our pets really do become our family members, especially in this family. We become very attached, they have personality, they are loyal and never reveal our secrets. Way better than some humans I know.
Sunday was also dinner date night, or I should say evening, we had old people’s dinner, it was a very nice ending to the weekend.
I have nothing huge to announce, this past weeks show is not up yet on the site, you all will have to wait for it. It is worth the wait, believe me, we had a great guest, very powerful and wise words. If you did not get to listen live, you will totally want to catch it when it posts.
This coming Saturday is going to be really good; we have Pastor Purvey back in studio discussing dating while being a single parent. As most of you know I did not date while my children were growing up, I felt it was best for our family. I didn’t believe they needed the unsettling life of never knowing who was going to be there. I knew I was not going to get re-married while they were still at home, so why date, why introduce my children to someone who was not going to be around long term. Shanon and I wanted to know what effects it has on the children when this does go on and who better to ask than a youth minister who sees the after effects. It is a fantastic conversation and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.


I have taken some time off because I have been as sick as the proverbial dog, I am doing better this morning, although now I have no voice. Good thing I don’t have to talk for this part of my life.
This is a little late in coming, however, I would like to tell you all about the Conversations show that aired last Saturday. It was part 2 of Can Men and Women be Just Friends, without the romance part getting in the way. As the majority of you know, my best friend is male, we have been best friends for 15 years now. And yes, it has always been friendship, none of the other stuff getting in the way. I knew our relationship was special, because it is a great friendship, I didn’t realize it was unique until we started talking about it to, well, all of you. To me it is a normal, healthy, friendship, early on we both realized what a special friendship we had and decided none of the other stuff was ever going to come into play.
If you want to hear his take on the friendship you can listen via mine and Shanon J’s website, the show is up and ready for you to click.
I started thinking about the legacy he and I are leaving for our respective children, my daughter has a BBFF (boy best friend forever) as well. They have been friends for years, since high school, their friendship continues today. I feel proud that I set an example that men and women can be simply friends. She has seen this growing up and it is normal for her.
Now my BBFF has a son, and he is setting an example for his son that he can have these types of friendships without anything else going on. It is a unconscious happening, something that they just see and take as normal.
It should be the norm, not the exception, however, I am learning it is not. I was speaking with a man at work about it and he said he was interested in listening to the show. He went on to say he has tried to be friends with women and they always go off in the direction of oh he’s paying attention to me, oh he must like me.
The thing is, if you want to be friends with someone of the opposite sex, you must have the conversation, the open, honest one, where both parties agree that the friendship is more important than anything else. We have never once been inappropriate with each other, our lives are transparent, anyone can look in at any time and see what is going on. I am proud to call this man my friend, he is honest, caring, honorable (a trait that is quickly fading in this society) good-looking, incredibly intelligent (he keeps me on my toes) and funny. Oh he’s single as well ladies, his sister and I are taking applications, you have to go through both of us for approval.
So, go out, look for friendship, your lives will be richer for it.