Disney Woes

Something has been bothering me for a while now, it is a disturbance in the Force.
So, an open letter to Disney I am writing, on behalf of little girls everywhere. But mostly Tessa.

Dear Disney,

I have a nine-year-old granddaughter that loves you, she not only loves you, she loves Star Wars. She not only loves Star Wars, she loves Darth Vader, Chewbacca and anything that has to do with a lightsaber.
Last year, when I went on a search for an outfit for her annual Christmas pictures, I lucked out, I found the most amazing outfit ever. At Kohl’s of all places, I will include her Christmas picture from last year at the end of this blog so you can see how amazing it was.
This year I was on a quest to purchase her an outfit or pajamas with her beloved Darth Vader.
Do you think I found any girl outfits with him on it? You know the answer; it is no. I ended up buying her boys pajamas with storm troopers on it talking about the Dark Side.
I did a search online for any and all girl Star Wars clothing. The majority is pink, purple and has no bad guys on them. None. No Darth Vader, no Darth Maul, not even Anakin Skywalker, before the Dark Side took over. I didn’t even find a Princess Leia outfit, now there are costumes, but no shirts, pajamas or dresses.
I did find a couple of dresses online, but nothing like last years. This year’s offerings were paltry in comparison.
I am begging you to understand that little girls everywhere love Star Wars and love all characters, no just ones deemed appropriate for girls.
They also love the Marvel Universe, they love Thor, Ironman, Hulk and Black Widow. With Black Panther and Captain Marvel on the horizon, I am begging you to step up your girl game.
Please understand that girls are as equally nerdy and geeky as boys, they enjoy wearing their favorite characters and would love to have clothes made to fit them.
I know what you are thinking, buy a boy’s shirt, well, they are boxy and cut short. They are really strange fitting, so if you could make girl shirts and pajamas and gowns and dresses it would be awesome.
I know I would appreciate it, she would appreciate it, as would many other little girls worldwide.
You have an opportunity to make an impact here Disney, you do the spunky princess so well. You know little girls; you know sass and heart and having the courage of your convictions. You know smart women characters, Belle comes to mind right away, Tiana is another. They were the rescuers in their worlds.
Princess Leia was a perfect fit to your world, no one in any galaxy, compares to her. She taught us so much when I was young, and she continues to teach generations even now.
Pick up a blaster and save yourself and your so-called rescuers, there was, is and never will be another one of her.
Please keep her legacy alive and give our girls a clothing line worthy of our beloved Princess.


Angie and the Irishman

I met the Irishman before my beloved Tessa was born, I thought he was Scottish, don’t ask me why, I have no answer for that one. I have to be honest; I never really paid any attention to him, just a co-worker and one that was not in my group so I didn’t have day to day contact with him.
One day I get this chat (company chat) from some man with a weird last name asking me a question, no good morning or introduction just the question. Well this irritates me; I like the niceties in life. So I said out loud, “Who is this?” and one of the guys in my area looked at the chat and said oh that’s that Irish guy. I said what Irish guy and they all stared at me, and described him and I said oh I thought he was Scottish. I answered his question and that was that. The next day, same thing, but this time I thought to myself, um no. so I typed good morning and sat back and waited. Then he said well it is not a good morning because of whatever the issue was. So I answered his question and that was that. The next day, I get a chat, it says good morning. We became friends, which was in September of 2007, then we began to talk outside of work. It was still friendship, nothing more, nothing less. I blame Disney for this whole thing, it was Christmas time and I was at the mall and saw these amazing life-size princess dolls at the Disney store and sent him a text telling him he needed to get one for his little girls. He then sent a text back saying he needed to do some Christmas shopping and did I want to go with him. Well, shopping, mall, given. I was there. We met at the mall, he got the doll and I got the few remaining things I needed and we spent several hours walking around the mall talking. I had the best time; I had not laughed that hard in a long time. After we left the mall he sent me a text telling me he had had a great time and would love to do it again, perhaps this time not in a mall. I said I had also had a great time and would love to do it again.
We agreed on Wednesday, I realized that was New Years Eve, so the next day I told him it was New Years Eve and would understand if he had other plans. He said there was no one else he would rather spend that evening with.
The Saturday before the Wednesday, we decided to meet for lunch, he had a 3 hour split shift, so we met at the Olive Garden. Amazing conversation, he is really funny, and then he had to go back to work, he walked me to my car and we had our first kiss. I knew I was in trouble then, I probably should have canceled the date right then and there. But I didn’t, and the rest is history as they say. It is my history, my present and hopefully my future.
We began dating, for my birthday he gave me a necklace that his grandmother had given him before he left Ireland. He said she told him to give it to the woman who had his heart, I have only taken it off once, and that was for the brief period that we had broken up. I tried to give it back and he said I would always have his heart and he wanted me to keep it.
I have been thinking about our history a lot lately, going over things in my mind, always looking, always questioning. That is me, I can drive myself insane. I loved those early days, although I have to say when it is just the two of us, we are still the exact same as we were then. Always laughing, being completely goofy and loving it.